My Story

My Story…how The Royal Treatment got its start…

PICT0563The idea of The Royal Treatment (which to me, is not just my company, but, next to my family…” my  life”!) came to me in 2005 when I was an office manager of a two- week Certified Nursing Assistant academy that prepares prospective individuals who have chosen health care as their professions, to obtain their Florida state CNA licenses. I saw first hand, what type of individual was getting licensed…and what I saw was mostly students who were looking for job security. I was also a full- time caregiver for my father, James, who suffers from peripheral neuropathy and diabetes. The dedication I committed to both was my whole existence.

000_0046-1Two things came to my mind at the time:

  1. I could not care for my father as religiously as his needs and desires required while still maintaining the high level of dedication to my work, which I feel is an absolute necessity.
  2. I would not, and could not, trust just anyone, nor did I feel that there was anyone, who could take my place…I simply realized it would take someone very special to care for a man who I love as much as I love my dad.  My search for the right person began…